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Raising Remnant Youth

  • Purpose: Creating an organized community outreach to younger generations
  • Vision: Providing tools that will help young people stay relevant in today’s market
  • Mission: Affecting lives, remolding destinies
  • Objectives:  Organizing educative seminars that sharpen the mind of young people in becoming all that God has intended for them to become. We are all creative minds, we will learn how to we move from thoughts, ideas to implantations and action steps.

Topics to cover in our upcoming Seminar and great selected speakers will cover below topics:

  •  Finding the right career path
  •  How to stay relevant in today’s market
  •  Computer Efficiency & Resume building
  •  Education Advancement
  •  The place of worship in the lives of young people
  •  The Wait challenge for singles
  •  How to Nail an Interview
  •  Can appearance land me a job?

 Remnant Youth Conference is all about empowering young people, and young minds, to be the best they can be.

That's not just a goal for us– It's a passion for us. Kids are dying– people are feeling like their lives don't matter. There's so much talk of problems in the world–

We don't just talk, we bring forth solutions and this project is part of our solution.

We provide access to positive opportunities, speakers, music, entertainment, motivation, talent and encouragement.

We're bringing an environment for these good things.

Good things that many feels are lacking in this world. 

Join us in making this all possible.

Join us in giving young people a place where they can find these things.

Your support in helping us be a solution is greatly appreciated.


30, Sep 2021

Remnant Youth Conference

30, Sep 2021 - 01, Oct 2021

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21, Sep 2021

Executive Leadership Academy

21, Sep 2021 - 30, Nov 2021

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Raising Remnant Youth

Purpose: Creating an organized community outreach to younger generationsVision: Providing tools that will...

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