About us

A little about our beliefs and drive

Our Purpose

We intend to see every child of God live a triumphant life, a life with no limits through the infallible word of God.

Our vision: To Proclaim the name of Jesus across the globe, affecting lives, remolding destines, changing the narratives, challenging the system to embody the light and love of God wherever we find ourselves.

Our Mission: Expressing the love of God to mankind through service, illuminating the spirit, soul and body.

Our Values: To understand the grace of God extended to mankind through the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that the Bible was written by inspired men of God (2nd Timothy 3:16)

We believe that Faith works when it's been put to work (Hebrew 11:1-6)

We believe in water baptism in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost (Mathew 3:13-17)

We believe in the power in the name of Jesus (Philippians 2:9)

We believe in the abiding of the Holy Spirit through evidence of speaking in tongues (Act 1:8)

We believe in divine healing through the power in the word. We also believe that He sent His words and His word heals them.
We believe that by His stripes we have been made whole. Psalm 107: 20
We believe that we must live the life of a Triumphant just as Jesus triumphed, the bible says - .".. greater works than these ye shall do also".
We believe in tithes and offerings to your local church where you are constantly fed the word of God. We also believe in giving to the spreading of the Gospel. Malachi 3:10


30, Sep 2021

Remnant Youth Conference

30, Sep 2021 - 01, Oct 2021

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21, Sep 2021

Executive Leadership Academy

21, Sep 2021 - 30, Nov 2021

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